Like a Greenhouse - Elders Greeting Card
Like a Greenhouse - Elders Greeting Card
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Like a Greenhouse - Elders Greeting Card

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Our beloved elders do so much for us in the congregation. I wanted to come up with a card design that was original, unlike what others have done before, that would really touch the hearts of our dear elders. After doing some prayer and much research, the idea came to me about how our elders are much like greenhouses.

They weather many storms in their personal life, but despite all that they go through, they still do their best to protect us, and they set the tone or environment within the congregation. Through their loving support, they allow us to thrive.

I hope that when you give this card to show appreciation to your elders, it’ll touch their hearts and encourage them to endure.

Available as a single card or pack of ten (10).

Includes an envelope.

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