Best Life Ever JW Postcard
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Best Life Ever JW Postcard

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We can wholeheartedly agree that serving Jehovah as fully as possible leads us to living the very BEST LIFE EVER. Whether this is for a newly baptized friend, a young or older one in the congregation, pioneer, bethelite, LDC volunteer - this one is just for them. Or YOU.

Included in this illustrated postcard are various aspects of our life in our service to Jehovah. 

Use as a pioneer gift, elder gift, bethelites, pretty much ANYONE in the congregation.

These are sized to a United States Post Office standards for postcard stamps (instead of first class), so you can save on postage. Coated Front for Protection

  • Printed back, uncoated for writing
  • 4” x 6”
  • Available in multiple quantity sets

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