When you read Haggai 2:7, what do you think of?

baptism card Haggai 2:7 the inside story

This is the first of a series of posts where I open up and spill the beans with you about the musings behind each design, because nearly every product has a deeper story, something with meaning.


When you think of Haggai 2:7, what do you think of?

For years, when I thought of this scripture, I pictured Jehovah shuffling through dirt and rocks, like a miner searching for precious stones.

Often times we come out pretty unpolished, needing some refinement, but with Jehovah's help, he knows exactly how to shape us personally to bring out our own inner beauty, each unique to the individual we are.

So although I painted this design with somewhat of a baptism greeting card in mind, I love that this design can truly apply to anyone you admire:

That dear old sister whose decades of faithful service shine through her endurance and the gems she shares at the meetings.

The young brother who's reaching out to do more in service despite unfavorable circumstances.

Those who have returned to Jehovah.

Single parents.

Fatherless children.

Those like me who Jehovah drew even as a child growing up in the truth.

Even that brother who is working hard behind the scenes to help support God's arrangement of things. They need commendation, too.

Like them, you're beautiful because of Jehovah.

And you're precious because of what he sees in you.

Okay, that's all I have to share for right now, as I'm happy to finally launch this post as the first of many posts, giving "the inside story" behind my work.

If you got this far, thanks for reading!